New Trends In Childbirth

Learn birth techniques that work

Austin Area Birthing Center has been open since 1987, so we’ve seen every birth trend that’s come along for nearly three decades! New Trends In Childbirth is a comprehensive birthing class that combines the best of several popular birthing techniques, including Lamaze, hypnobirthing and the Bradley Method. With years of training and education, plus the hands-on experience of delivering thousands of babies, we’ve developed a birthing technique that we believe makes for the most comfortable natural birth possible!

Taught by our childbirth instructor Chan McDermott, New Trends In Childbirth is a four-week group class that meets weekly. Over the course of the class, you and your partner will be introduced to the stages of birth, practice visualization and relaxation techniques, explore different comfort measures for labor and discuss postpartum care.

Free for You

New Trends In Childbirth is free and recommended to AABC moms and their partners. Register for classes with the front office at your AABC location!