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With thirty years and over 7,000 babies behind us, our team at Austin Area Birthing Center has learned quite a bit about creating the ideal natural birth experience. We used that wisdom to develop our original birthing center location in North Austin, and we’ve built one of the largest and oldest natural birthing centers in the United States. A few years later, we opened a second natural birthing center in South Austin to help all of our South Austin families get the great midwife led care that they deserve, without having to do too much driving.

Austin Area Birthing Center Williamson County

Now, moms-to-be in Cedar Park,Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Leander, Round Rock, Pflugerville and all of Williamson County, have convenient access to our community focused prenatal care and natural birth center with our brand new Austin Area Birthing Center Williamson County.

Most Insurance Accepted

Our state of the art midwife care is covered by most types of insurance, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare Standard, Cigna, United Health Care, and more. Call us today to see if your care is covered by your plan: (512) 900-3832.

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Safety & Comfort

Like our other two locations, AABC Williamson County (Wilco) is designed for the most comfortable, beautiful pregnancy and delivery experience possible. Staffed by our amazing midwives and outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, our Cedar Park location is a thoroughly modern, thoroughly natural choice for your prenatal care and delivery. In the rare event of a hospital transfer, we are located across the street from Cedar Park Medical Center. To further ensure the safety of our patients, we keep a private OBGYN on call.

Austin Area Birthing Center Williamson County

Austin Area Birthing Center Williamson County is equipped with three birthing suites. Each suite is outfitted with a private kitchen and bathroom, as well as plenty of space. If you’ve chosen to have a water birth, our state-of-the-art birthing tubs have the latest in safety features. Our Williamson County birthing center is one of the most upscale centers in the nation. Everything from the art to the fixtures to the architecture is designed to provide the ideal childbirth experience.

Our highly trained midwives will walk you through every step of the birthing process, from prenatal visits through to delivery and onto your child’s first years. We also offer a robust selection of free classes, including prenatal yoga, birthing classes, baby love, toddler love and more.

Austin Area Birthing Center Classes:

  • We have free prenatal yoga classes three times a week, and free post natal yoga for a year.
  • AABC babies receive free weekly massage therapy for a year, followed by a toddler class until they are two years old.
  • Dad and sibling classes to help the whole family adjust to its new family member.
  • Breastfeeding classes with our certified lactation expert.

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Austin Area Birthing Center Williamson County

Centering Pregnancy

Austin Area Birthing Center practices a Centering Pregnancy model of prenatal care. Centering Pregnancy includes your regular health check-up with additional time for learning and sharing. Groups start after the first trimester. You’ll meet with your healthcare provider and other women who are due near the same time for 10 sessions throughout your pregnancy.

Centering Pregnancy is the way for you to learn and experience your pregnancy with other pregnant women. Each session includes interactive learning that will let you experience your pregnancy in a new and rewarding way. The emotional support built during Centering Pregnancy is one of the most fulfilling benefits of the AABC experience. You’ll make friends and build relationships that you can lean on during the rocky days and celebrate with during the good ones.  

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Your Birth, Your Way

As with all Austin Area Birthing Center locations, the Cedar Park location is midwife owned and operated. We have the training and experience to help you have the perfect birth.

We are mom focused and want every mom do have her ideal, natural childbirth. In order to make it easier on families, we accept most insurance, including Tricare Standard.

Austin Area Birthing Center is more than just a place to have a baby. It’s a place for beautiful beginnings. It’s a place to grow and learn in community with knowledgeable midwives and other caring parents.

Austin Area Birthing Center Williamson County

1130 Cottonwood Creek Trail, Suite D-4

Cedar Park, TX 78613

(512) 900-3832

Fax: (512) 792-4257

Natural Birth for all of Williamson County

Moms up north now have a convenient option for midwife led, mom focused pregnancy care. We’re happy to provide the possibility of a natural childbirth to all of the moms in Williamson County!

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