Childbirth Services

We offer safe, affordable, quality care throughout your pregnancy, including lab work, routine prenatal visits, and caring communication. Labor and delivery takes place in our beautiful birthing rooms. Our certified Nurse Midwives have full admission privileges at Seton and St. David’s hospitals, so in some circumstances, AABC can also offer its mothers continuity of care should a transport become necessary during a difficult labor. Regardless of whether a CNM is available or not, a midwife from AABC will accompany all transfers to Seton. Some pregnancies become high-risk in the last few weeks and a hospital delivery can be easily arranged and attended by our AABC Nurse Midwives.

Childbirth Services at Austin Birthing CenterInterested potential clients are invited to call the center of their choice to sign up for a free one-hour tour and interview with one of our midwives. During this time you will have an opportunity to discuss any aspect of midwifery, pregnancy and the Austin Area Birthing Center with us. Austin ABC also provides annual well-woman exams, Pap smears, birth control, and pre-pregnancy counseling, all at reasonable rates.

First time mothers are required to take childbirth preparation classes, which are provided free of charge. We have an extensive array of additional classes to choose from, including prenatal and postnatal yoga three times a week at no charge for clients.

Prenatal Care

Austin ABC offers mothers the same prenatal testing as they would expect at a physician’s office in addition to more time for counseling, teaching, and getting to know the midwife.

The first prenatal visit:

At this time a physical exam is performed to ensure that the mother is a healthy, low risk client. There will also be tests performed to check for certain genetic disorders. There is an extra charge for this test.

Routine pregnancy blood work is drawn and any extra tests as indicated by the mother’s health history are performed.

If the pregnancy is difficult to date using traditional methods, a dating ultrasound may be scheduled. If the parents wish, our ultrasonographer can perform a “first trimester screening test”. This is an optional, early, non-invasive method of checking the baby’s health.

Please schedule approximately one hour and 20 minutes for this first visit.

The second prenatal visit:

At this time the focus is on individualized diet teaching and counseling. The rest of the visit includes:

  • Review of the lab work from the first visit
  • Measuring the fundus (uterus)
  • Checking the mother’s vital signs and the baby’s heart rate

At this time the mother (and her partner) may chose to join our CENTERING group prenatal program, for her prenatal care. Centering involves mothers and partners, joining together with the other moms who share similar due dates. Various pregnancy topics are covered, as well as the information needed to prepare for birth. The group is part prenatal visit, part support group, and part childbirth class. Many strong bonds are established between these “centering couples”.

Please click on this link to learn more about Centering.

Some moms prefer to continue on with traditional prenatal visits, rotating among the Midwives, and getting to know all of them in a private setting.

All clients receive a twenty week ultrasound/ anatomy scan, of the baby, at both our South and North locations.

As the due date approaches, the Centering/Group moms return to weekly private visits with the midwives at their location.

Well Women Care

AABC offers annual checkups and pap smears for all women in every phase of their lifespan, from puberty to menopause. A wide variety of birth control choices are available including:

  • Birth control pills
  • The Mirena, Skyla and Paraguard IUD
  • Counseling and instruction regarding Natural Family Planning

We also offer Pre-Conception Counseling. This appointment is for women who are not pregnant and who are wanting to use AABC services when they do become pregnant. One of our Certified Nurse Midwife will discuss the best ways to keep healthy while trying to become pregnant.