Centering Pregnancy

Centering Pregnancy is prenatal care that includes your regular health check-up with additional time for learning and sharing. Groups start after the first trimester. You’ll meet with your healthcare provider and other women who are due near the same time for 10 sessions throughout your pregnancy.

Centering Pregnancy is the way for you to learn and experience your pregnancy with other pregnant women. Each session includes interactive learning that will let you experience your pregnancy in a new and rewarding way.

How Does Centering Pregnancy Work?

You do some of your own care (weight, blood pressure, charting) and have private time with your care provider. There will be group discussion and activities. In Centering Pregnancy, women are actively participating in their prenatal care – such as keeping track of their weight and blood pressure. Participants then meet one on one with a midwife for a quick assessment before returning to the circle for discussion. The discussions are group-led. This means everyone in the group has a safe place to voice their experiences, opinions and support. Studies show we learn best through discussion with others – and this is exactly what Centering is hoping to accomplish! One of the goals of Centering is that participants feel confident in making their own decisions about labor, birth, breastfeeding and parenting; they gain this confidence through interactive learning with their group. Snacks are provided and there is time for sharing with other group members in a relaxed and fun setting.

Centering Pregnancy

Who is in the group?

As the months go by, you will get to know other mothers due around the same time.  Partners and support people are welcome to attend. We often hear from parents that the partners felt more included in the pregnancy journey because they attended Centering. It’s a bond of friendship that can last a lifetime.


How much time does centering pregnancy take?

Centering® respects your time – groups start and end on time. Each group visit lasts about 2 hours with your healthcare provider guiding the session. Scheduling in advance makes planning for work and childcare easier.

It’s better care! Look at the results:

  • Women tell us they prefer getting prenatal care in a Centering group
  • Women in Centering groups are less likely to have a preterm baby.
  • Women feel more confident to make healthy decisions for themself and their family
  • Centering moms have higher breastfeeding rates; healthier for mom and baby
  • Women say: “It’s fun!”

See for yourself!

TWC News in Austin visited one of our Centering Pregnancy groups in action. Take a first-hand look at the level of care and support provided by Centering Pregnancy.


“I liked how we were going through the same issues and discussed different methods or ways we approach them.”

“It’s not significantly longer than an individual appointment, but it provides food and friends… There have been a lot of questions raised that I have not thought to ask, so that’s also helpful.”

“People would come to the group tired, anxious, worried and every single time, without fail, everyone left happy, laughing, lighter.”

“Pregnancy can be very isolating and foreign and scary; Centering gives us a way to connect with other women who are going through the same things/time in life and say, ‘Yeah, I’m right there with you, you’re not alone in this.'”