Following the Birth

After the birth, you will be given your baby to hold with an emphasis on skin-to-skin contact. The baby will never leave your room. Newborn examinations, foot-printing, etc. are done beside you on your bed. You will be given as much privacy as you feel you need to touch, cuddle, admire, and inspect your newborn infant. Unless you decline, your baby will experience the relaxation of a Leboyer bath. This is a wonderful time to take photos or video.

Postpartum Care

You will be assisted with breast-feeding and given important postpartum instructions. The majority of our clients return home within 6 – 8 hours of Postpartum Caredelivery.

The midwife will phone you at 24 hours with an important check list of questions.

The Lactation Specialist/RN will see you and baby for an in-office exam at least once within the first three days. You are welcome to complement our baby care with visits to a pediatrician at any time. We will also have an in-office exam for mother and baby at two weeks and six weeks after the birth.

Stay in touch with us after your birth with a wide range of classes including our free baby massage (Baby Love) and free Postnatal Yoga class.