How It Works

Client Admission Process

All Clients – New and Returning

To be admitted as a client to Austin Area Birthing Center, we suggest that you first read and familiarize yourself with the information contained on our Austin Birthing Center Maternity Neighborhood Intake Formswebsite. While returning clients will have vast knowledge about the centers, they will find updated facts in a review of this site.

Prior to scheduling a tour, all potential clients need to contact the center of their choice (AABC North – 512-346-3224; AABC South – 512-243-8066; AABC WilCo – 512-900-3832) and ask our very helpful front desk staff to e-mail a link to our Maternity Neighborhood intake forms. We cannot schedule you for a tour until we have received a completed Maternity Neighborhood intake. Maternity Neighborhood is an electronic health record designed specifically for maternity care.

Maternity Neighborhood EMR Forms

The Maternity Neighborhood intake forms are all about you, the potential client. The intake is easy to complete and provides AABC with a very clear picture of your medical history, particularly your reproductive health and birth records. By completing and returning these forms to us, you will save yourself the hassle of completing further forms when you first visit the center. Also, if there is something in your medical history indicating that you might not be compatible with the requirements of birthing at a birth center, we will immediately be able to notify you of this.

But most importantly, your time won’t be wasted with either repeat medical forms or a visit to the center when you might not be eligible. We know that pregnancy provides its own stresses and we never want to add to that.  The Maternity Neighborhood intake will make this process much simpler and less stressful for you.

Our midwives go over all submitted Maternity Neighborhood forms on a daily basis. You will be notified within a few days of your eligibility and the front office staff will schedule you for a tour.

If you are past 20 weeks, you will need to bring all prenatal records with you to the tour.

If you are past 30 weeks, special permission is required to birth at AABC. This is granted after your prenatal records have been reviewed. Therefore, you will need to have your prenatal records sent to us by your provider. If you prefer, you can drop them off at the center. This needs to occur prior to your tour.

Making Everything Easier

All of these procedures are designed to make your life easier. We know your time is very valuable and we don’t want to schedule you for a tour if you cannot birth at AABC.  Everything we do is client-centered, and making sure you’re eligible to be our client is the first step in that philosophy.

Once you’ve requested the Maternity Neighborhood intake, expect it to be in your inbox within a day. If it doesn’t show up, please call the center again. In the past, these forms have ended up in a client’s spam folder.

We’re excited to have you birth with us. Check out centering pregnancy, our ongoing birthing support classes including prenatal yoga, and more around the site.

Call our office staff today to request the required forms.

Duval Location: (512) 346-3224

South Location: (512) 243-8066

Williamson County Location: (512) 900-3832

Verifying Benefits Through Larsen Billing Service

If you have insurance that you would like us to verify and bill for you, complete the client registration form through the link below so our billing service can verify your benefits. Please allow several days for verification to be completed and sent to our office. We would like to have your benefit information for you at your tour so completing the client registration form as soon as possible will streamline the process for you.

  1. Go to
    Complete and submit the Patient Registration Form
    Your provider pin is: 10803
  4. Choose type of insurance from drop-down menu
    Select Pay Now, to pay the VOB service fee