The Birthing Experience

When labor starts, the mother contacts the midwife on call at her facility. Upon admission, the family settles into their choice of available birth rooms.

Overall Birth Plan and Process

One of the midwife’s most important roles is to support the mother and family with education about the process of birth. She carefully evaluates the mother’s vitals signs and the baby’s heart rate using a handheld doppler throughout labor. A vaginal exam is done with the mother’s permission when Birth Planchecking for progress is appropriate.

Our mothers are active participants in the unfolding of labor and birth. They are encouraged to eat, drink, and change positions often. They may relax in the warm birthing tub or shower, or they may use the birthing stool or birthing ball.  Some moms spend periods of time in the bed, quietly relaxing through contractions and resting their muscles and/or receiving a massage from their partner.

Some Have Additional Support During the Birthing Process

Well-prepared family members offer additional support to the laboring woman or gather in our Family Lounge, watching movies, cooking, or just staying close in order to greet the new baby.

Our midwives deliver in many different positions with the goal of facilitating the birth and preventing the need for stitches. The midwife is aided in the birth by a highly-trained assistant who normally arrives just before the second stage (pushing phase) of labor.

Bonding is an Essential Part of the Birth Plan

Upon delivery, the new baby is placed on the mother’s chest for warmth and for bonding. There is no rush to cut the cord or to hurry the baby out of the room for procedures.  All the emergency equipment for the baby is in the birth room next to the mother. A complete newborn exam is performed along with basic newborn care.

There are many supportive classes for before and after the birth.

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