Water Birth

Austin Area Birthing Center’s birthing suites are designed to provide you with a birthing experience that is natural, comfortable and safe. In addition to beds and birthing stools, we offer mothers the option of a water birth. A water birth often helps to reduce the pain and stress of labor, leading to an easier natural birth. Water birth during the first stages of labor has been shown to reduce the risk of episiotomy, as well as the need for epidurals. Other positives associated with water birth include a reduced risk of c-section, as well as better bladder control after delivery.

Austin Area Birthing Center’s master midwives have years of experience performing safe water birth deliveries. We also provide you with pre-labor coaching so you’ll know exactly what to expect when the big day arrives.

Like our suites, our birthing tubs are engineered for safety and comfort. Each is designed specifically for water birth delivery and is capable of delivering a constant flow of warm, soothing water.

Choosing a delivery method is a deeply personal decision for mothers, and at Austin Area Birthing Center, we seek to provide women with all of the information and as many options as possible. No matter what you choose, our midwives will be here to guide you through every step of your pregnancy.