After Birth Care

After Birth Care for Mom

AABC offers low cost annual checkups and pap smears for all women in every phase of their lifespan, from puberty to menopause. A wide variety of birth After Birth Care for Mom at Austin Birthing Centercontrol choices are available including:

  •  All types of birth control pills
  •  Mirena IUD, Skyla IUD  and the Paraguard IUD
  •  Diaphragm fittings
  •  Counseling and instruction regarding Natural Family Planning
  •  Referrals to various physicians and specialists for your specific issues

We also offer Pre-Conception Counseling. This appointment is for women who are not pregnant and who are wanting to use AABC services when they do become pregnant. The Certified Nurse Midwife will discuss the best ways to keep healthy while trying to become pregnant.