Q: What is a birth center?

A true birth center is a community of people working together to provide you with the birthing experience you want: state of the art care married with the most positive, empowering natural childbirth. Experienced midwives, our caring staff, doulas and other parents-to-be, all come together to collaborate with you during the most miraculous time in your life – before, during and after childbirth.

A true birth center is solely focused on you, your family and your baby. Birth centers are not located in hospitals—they are designed solely from the ground up to provide the ideal natural birth environment, rather than inside a mini birth center, which is part of a busy doctor’s office.

A true birth center is a facility where you will receive family-centered pre-pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal personalized care from professional health care providers. We are designed to provide a low-intervention, serene and cost-effective alternative to hospital births. Instead of forceps, epidurals and c-sections, we offer months of mind and body classes and the experienced hands of midwives to help mothers through a natural birth.

Unlike hospitals or mini birth centers, Austin Area Birthing Center gives you continuing support from your first trimester through the second year of life. At our facility, one of the original true birthing centers in the country, you receive a complete network of maternity and women’s lifestyle services that are included at no extra cost:

  • Lab draws, pain management and other diagnostic testing including prenatal and postnatal checkups & support
  • Centering, a type of prenatal care that reduces complications by 50%
  • Yoga classes three times a week
  • Baby massage classes for a year
  • Breastfeeding classes
  • Postnatal Yoga for a year
  • Toddler classes for year

Our care is covered by most major health insurance plans (but not all plans) and our friendly front office staff can help you with your financial questions.

Birth centers welcome your children, your parents, and your friends to be present for your birth if you so choose. We focus on healthy pregnancy diets, exercise and care to facilitate an optimal birth experience. Mother and baby usually remain at the center for approximately six to eight hours after a normal delivery before returning home.

Austin Area Birthing Center is a facility independently owned by an Austin midwife, and has a formal collaboration agreement with the Seton family of hospitals, St. David’s Hospital and Gynics Associates. We opened in 1987 and are one of the first free-standing birthing centers in the United States.  https://www.austinabc.com/about/our-story/

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